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Libertarianism is a disease of the mind.

As a political philosophy, Libertarianism is a disease of the mind. It is the corruption of greed masquerading as economic freedom. It allows those with little empathy & compassion to ignore the economic pains of others and to blame the disenfranchised for their own financial realities. Libertarianism appeals to the intellectually lazy, by reducing the world’s complex problems to overly simplistic ideas. It advocates a return to ancient times instead of new ideas that lead humanity forward. It promotes radical individualism at the expense of cooperation and community. It disguises itself as a rational alternative to the status quo, but upon closer examination it reveals itself as an irrational belief in the power of money. It waves the banner of “freedom” while simultaneously advocating for laissez-faire capitalism, ignoring that capitalism is inherently the antithesis of democratic freedoms. Capitalism cannot exist without inequality and Democracy cannot exist without equality. These are opposing forces. As democratic freedoms expand, capitalism must be restricted, and vice-versa. To believe otherwise is a corrosion of logic; a disease of the mind.