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Why the Government Must Spend More Money On NASA

Let’s speak about this one more time because, now that the new Federal budget is coming up, we need to. The government should, must, dedicate a lot more money to NASA. And there’s no way around it.

It must support NASA because—unlike the shortsighted imbeciles who think NASA is all about flying rockets and cocky astronauts—the science and engineering being developed at Goddard, JPL, Dryden, Ames, JSC, Langley, Glenn, KSC, Marshall, Stennis, Wallops and the hundreds of associated research centers and universities that operate under its umbrella pushes humanity forward in a dramatic way. And at every possible level, on a daily basis.

Even if you don’t notice it or think about it day to day, it’s all there, permeating your life, helping you, making things better.


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